I don't want to be shy Can't stand it anymore

I just want to say 'Hi' To the one I love

Cherry blossom girl I'll never love again

Can I say that to you Will you run away

If I try to be true Cherry blossom girl

Cherry blossom girl I'll always be there for

you That means no time to waste Whenever

there's a chance Cherry blossom girl

New day, new hurray.

What is the first thing, that hits your mind, when you wake up? What is the last thing to cross your thoughts when you fall asleep? Is there a special image hitting your inner eye when you enjoy your meal? Which senses approach to consciousness when you place the fork in your mouth? Replace fork by finger Salty? Bitter? Sour? Sweet? A fruity delight might hit her, this very hour, a fresh treat. A mingle of delights, enriching the world of your insides?

La petite grAnde et magnifique Air